Tower of Babil

December 2019

Plastic Marine Turtle

April 2018

Sweet Love

September 2014

Life is Beautiful in Love

January 2016

Ataturk Gold Coins

November 2019

Plastic Snake

May 2019

Gloomy Bear

March 2010

7 Candies

December 2010

SUGAR FREE – from the Biggest Oven in the World

The “Baked Series” is a collection of over-sized polyurethane cakes, cupcakes and macaroons.  In both size and appearance these pieces are an outward expression of her tempestuous universe of emotions.  

“Our lives are full of so many distractions, exaggerations and falsehoods. The over-commercialization of society bombards us with illusory friendships and overrated products – and it does this by manipulating our emotions and desire for excitement.

With their huge size, pastel loveliness, delicious appearance and synthetic material construction, each piece of my ‘bake’ is a lie – a sarcastic memorial to how we overindulge in what we know is bad for us. Their hyper-realism is just as fake and artificial as the exaggerated emotions, overrated products, and artificial people we consume in life. 

During the baking process each ‘pastry’ becomes excessively overweight and obese, just as we do if we cannot resist the temptation of their real life equivalent.  But we cannot cut these things from our lives entirely because just like dessert, they are part of the enjoyment of life.’’



Biomimicry: Innovations inspired by nature

A fast train from herons, Concorde airplane from dolphin fish, aerospace aircraft from catfish,  robots that rip off the water surface of water insects, sun energy platforms from sunflower, GoPro camera from rooster.. And much more...

Designed under the inspiration of ‘Caiman’ known as the South American crocodile: PORSCHE CAYMAN

Luxury sensation: Crocodile skin

One of the earliest living races, the robust skin of the crocodile with bullet-proof features, with over 200,000 more crocodiles per year serving the sensation of luxury created.

The Crocodile coated sand

Porsche Cayman, which looked like a sandy crocodile in a crocodile park in South Africa and received the award for ‘outdoor’ advertising in design, was positioned at Cesme Before Sunset Beach Club in South of Turkey… Porsche, which was produced in original size and form with polyester material used by today’s artists in sculpture production, was plastered with real sand.

After a long effort, I hunted the sandy crocodile and brought it to a garage in Karaköy, Istanbul. And I started to work… I applied a long and demanding sanding process to give Cayman a smooth backdrop.

300 kg white, 20 kg red and 40 kg black 3-color polyurethane were produced. This production lasted for 3 weeks with the help of chemical which would prevent it from being affected by the sun because it will be outdoors sculpture. I first applied white color to prevent deformation of colors. Then I applied 2 layers of light pink, which gave off the crocodile skin, which we I made from white and red. I developed the original form of epoxy, polyurethane, which is not affected by sunlight, and I have covered the whole floor twice. I gained a homogeneous matte pattern on the surface by sanding again to give the appearance of the skin.

While the deep pattern of the large patterns remained fresh red blood, I tried to catch the death of the crocodile, but with clotting, I could give my message with the black red blood that merged with the black of the tires: Death.

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